“ Quality Leadership and Good Governance” was my principal when I first went before the people with a mandate to contest the Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council in 2002 In keeping with the motto “ Salus populi Suprema Lex ” I too endeavored to provide a cleaner healthier town to the dwellers of course on a promising economic foundation.

I am proud to state that without previous experience and on my first attempt I was able to obtain the highest majority whereby I was made the Mayor in 2002 which saw my performance and in appreciation of my services the people gave me a mandate again in 2006 to carry on the good work with a massive victory at the Elections whereby I hold a record of winning the highest number of preferential votes, over here.

In keeping with the traditions I decide to call for a clean administration to keep the city clean. I believed that the development of the city should go hand in hand with the preserving of the environment. Basically the Nuwara Eliya town was bestowed to be a Municipal Council by the British when they governed Ceylon (Sri Lanka) only because our city was salubrious and the city environment was beautiful and captivating owing to the city being enveloped in a valley with thick forest and misty skies.

I am proud with the performance of the work load achieved which has been appreciated by everyone. I listen to others and obtain the opinions prior to making decision. That is the secret of my Victory.

The people awareness and need for a re-approach too are reasons for the present up-liftmen to town. In keeping to my promise all my allowances are deposited to an account whereby several financially handicapped children are being granted scholarship to pursue their education. Presently around 120 children are benefiting from this social program.

The Moonplains solid waste management project is a massive program financed by the Japanese Government which was undertaken by my regime. The town garbage disposal problem has been resolved. The lake Gregory has been developed and the town is being lit at nights. The roads are clean and the health conditions have improved. The Water problem has been solved to satisfaction. The Cemetery and spouts are being renovated. Computers are being introduced to the community, through training centers for all age groups.

To carry out these tasks I am ably assisted by my Deputy Mayor, fellow Councilors and a team of Commendable staff members of the Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council. Even the state agencies, Government Organizations, Departments, Business Organizations, Non Governmental Organizations & the citizens of Nuwara Eliya are a source of strengthen to our progress.

Our political vision and goal is to make Nuwara Eliya a Dream city as it was nurtured in the past. We know that it is no easy task to attain this noble goal. I know that we have to put our looks to achieve the task. However as in the past we anticipate your continued assistance, advice guidance, Financial Assistance and investments within our town to secure our ambits in preserving Nuwara Eliya for the future generations of the world of tomorrow in keeping with the noble traditions of preserving its environment.

P.D.Chandana Lal Karunarathne

Mayor - Nuwara-Eliya

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